About the Family Adventurers

Mama Bear

The main voice of Adventuring with Kids. Total Type A personality. Grew up camping in a pop-up camper all over the Eastern Seaboard and beyond with my parents, siblings and lots of other families from our church. My sisters and I fondly recall these times as, “Camping with the Polish Fathers.” Perhaps I will share some of the hilarity of those memories here.

Papa Bear

The strong, silent type. Coequal parent, often pulls more weight when Mama Bear is off having work-related travel adventures. A bit prone to worrying and getting entirely too anxious about traveling. Still, he managed a solo trip with two kids under 5 years of age wherein luggage didn’t arrive with the plane and one kid ended up in the emergency room with a high fever. So maybe he’s a tad underestimated, bless his heart.

Sister Bear

Definitely not the silent type. Mouth always running; imagination, too. Currently seven years, irrepressible unless run completely ragged. Harry Potter books are her crack cocaine.

Baby Bear

Lover, snuggler extraordinaire with just the right amount of baby fat still clinging to her delicious little body. Nearly five years, eats twice as much and sleeps about half as much as her older sister.


One response to “About the Family Adventurers

  1. Looking forward to meeting you all when you get to DC! You’ll have to come to the #DCTravelTweetup with us sometime.

    Paige & Vero

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